About MIN

Hello! Xian min is a creative Graphic Designer based in the small red dot, Singapore. 

Life is wonderful yet difficult at times, that makes it exciting! Xian min don't believe in spending time fretting or getting too emotional over those difficult times. She focuses on and believe in spending those precious minutes finding 'the solution' to any problems she might have encounter. Well, this summarizes her cheery personality in every way, during her daily interactions with people/clients/friends and definitely in her works of designs.

Xian min believes in the need to constantly upgrading herself in every aspect, not just in the field of design. She ventures into areas that she sees value and passion in, industries such as the Wealth Management and Education. She have recently completed her Post-graduate diploma in Sales and Marketing 

Email: xianminc@gmail.com  OR  min@byjam.net
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